MISSION: To facilitate the availability of a wide variety of reliably kosher food, products, and services to the Ottawa Jewish Community.


Ottawa Vaad Hakashrut (OVH), is a not-for-profit Kashrut Certification agency recognized by the Association of Kashrut Organizations (AKO). We enjoy the support and cooperation of synagogues and rabbis representing tens of thousands of Kosher consumers. OVH, directed by Rabbi Levy Teitlebaum, also enjoys the support and recognition of other major Kashrut agencies throughout the world.


Ottawa Vaad Hakashrut is very proud to be on the short list of reliable and recognized organizations. A most honorable and prestigious distinction. The OVH symbol is a firm guarantee to all consumers that the products bearing the symbol are in full compliance with the most demanding of kosher standards. You can be sure that your products will be marketable, enjoying the same status, recognition and acceptance, as any other reliably certified kosher product.


The OVH also supervises kosher events in the Ottawa area. Please be sure to look for our OVH table cards. This is your indication that the event is supervised by OVH. More importantly, OVH does not only certify products and supervise kosher events, we build relationships too! It is with our excellent customer service, as well as our flexible fee structure, that we have created such a remarkable niche in this industry.